Looking for IQOS TEREA in Dubai? Discover where you can find this innovative tobacco heating system in the city and start enjoying a smoke-free experience today!


IQOS TEREA provides a heated tobacco product that delivers the ritual and experience of smoking. Tobacco-filled sticks are inserted into the device, which then heats up to a controlled temperature to release a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor. The process bypasses the combustion, eliminating the smoke and some of the toxicants that result from burning tobacco.

Benefits of IQOS TEREA

  1. Reduced Harmful Chemicals: IQOS devices use a heat-not-burn technology that heats tobacco instead of burning it, which is thought to produce fewer harmful chemicals compared to traditional cigarette smoke.
  2. Less Secondhand Smoke: Since IQOS devices produce a vapor rather than traditional smoke, there may be a reduction in the amount of secondhand smoke generated.
  3. Reduced Odor: Users often report that the vapor produced by IQOS devices has a milder and less lingering odor compared to traditional cigarette smoke.
  4. Potential Health Benefits: While not risk-free, some users believe that switching to IQOS may offer a potentially less harmful alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.


1. Charging:

  • Ensure your IQOS TEREA device is fully charged before use.
  • Connect the device to the charger provided in the kit.

2. Inserting HEETS:

  • Open the cap or holder of your IQOS TEREA device.
  • Insert a tobacco stick (HEETS) into the holder.

3. Turning On:

  • Press and hold the button on the device until it vibrates or the LED light starts blinking.

4. Heating:

  • Wait for the device to heat the tobacco stick. This is usually indicated by a solid LED light or another visual cue.

5. Vaping:

  • Once the device is ready, take a gentle puff from the holder.

6. Charging Between Sessions:

  • After using the device, recharge it for the next session.

7. Cleaning:

  • Regularly clean your IQOS TEREA device according to the instructions in the user manual. This ensures optimal performance.

8. Turning Off:

  • Some devices may turn off automatically after use. If not, turn off the device manually by pressing and holding the button.


 How does IQOS TEREA work?

A2: IQOS TEREA likely utilizes heat-not-burn technology, where tobacco is heated instead of burned, producing a tobacco vapor rather than smoke. This process aims to provide a potentially less harmful alternative to traditional smoking.

What are the potential benefits of using IQOS TEREA?

A3: Benefits may include a reduction in harmful chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes, less secondhand smoke, and a milder odor. However, individual experiences may vary.

 Is IQOS TEREA safer than smoking traditional cigarettes?

While IQOS TEREA aims to be a potentially less harmful alternative, it is not risk-free. The health impact is subject to ongoing research and debate.

 Where can I purchase IQOS TEREA?

A5: IQOS TEREA products are typically available through authorized retailers, which can be found on the official IQOS website. Check with local distributors for availability in specific regions.

Can I use IQOS TEREA indoors?

A6: Policies on indoor use may vary depending on local regulations. It’s advisable to adhere to any applicable laws or guidelines regarding tobacco or electronic smoking device use in indoor spaces.

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