Exploring the IQOS 3 Multi in the UAE

IQOS, which stands for “I Quit Ordinary Smoking,” is a device that heats rather than burns tobacco, delivering a flavorful nicotine experience without ash, smoke, or the odorous aftermath of traditional cigarettes. The system consists of a holder, a pocket charger, and HEETS—tobacco sticks specially designed for use with IQOS.

The breakthrough technology of IQOS 3 Multi is underlined by the principle of ‘heat-not-burn’, where the tobacco is heated to a consistent temperature below combustion, thus delving into the realm of lesser evils in the grapple against the health hazards of tobacco. Compared to traditional smoking, this method is reported to cut down on the production of harmful or potentially harmful chemicals drastically.

The sleek and portable design of IQOS 3 Multi makes the transition for smokers effortless; it’s a comprehensive system designed to accompany users through their daily routine, be it in the office or on the go. The multi-use aspect also eliminates constant recharging, allowing for a seamless smoking experience without disruptions.

Benefits of IQOS 3 Multi in the UAE

Reducing Harmful Chemicals

One of the primary advantages of IQOS is its potential to reduce harm. By not burning tobacco, IQOS emits 95% fewer harmful chemicals compared to cigarette smoke. Studies indicate a significant reduction in the levels of several toxic chemicals and carbon monoxide exposure with IQOS, presenting a promising alternative for those who want to continue enjoying tobacco in a less damaging way.

Convenience and Portability

The IQOS 3 Multi is designed for convenience, catering to the modern smoker’s fast-paced lifestyle. Its all-in-one, multi-use design simplifies the experience, as users can smoke up to ten times without recharging the holder, which in itself is sleek and pocket-sized. This level of convenience is unparalleled, especially for those constantly on the move in the bustling cities of the UAE.

Customization and User Experience

Beyond health benefits, the IQOS 3 Multi offers a tailored smoking experience. Users can indulge their preferences through customization options such as the option to heat the tobacco to two different temperatures and the variety of flavors available, from rich and robust to subtle and mellow. This personalization adds a layer of indulgence to the smoking ritual.

Availability and Regulations in the UAE

As with any tobacco product, IQOS 3 Multi is subject to strict regulations in the UAE. Philip Morris International has been at the forefront of working with local authorities to ensure compliance with tobacco laws and smoking regulations. The product is marketed as being exclusively for adult smokers and is not intended for people who have never smoked or who have quit smoking.

IQOS and HEETS can be purchased at authorized outlets across the UAE, including select tobacco and IQOS stores. In compliance with local laws, the sale and use of IQOS are regulated, and potential users need to familiarize themselves with the legal framework and policies in place. The commitment to regulation underscores the mutual aim of the company and the UAE government to promote responsible smoking practices and the general right of consumers to be informed about the choices they make.

User Experience and Reviews

Feedback from early adopters of IQOS 3 Multi in the UAE has been largely positive. Smokers who have made the switch appreciate the reduced odor and the less pervasive nature of the vapor compared to smoke. Tech enthusiasts find the product intriguing, not only for its innovative features but also for its potential to drive further research and development in the smoking industry.

The device and its various components are praised for their durability and quality. The charging case, in particular, is a favorite feature, providing an elegant way to keep the device powered up and ready for use. Overall, the reviews highlight a seamless and satisfying user experience that resonates well with the discerning residents of the UAE.


IQOS 3 Multi in the UAE represents a significant shift in the way people approach smoking. Its emphasis on technology, user experience, and health is transformative, and its adoption by smokers and enthusiasts is testament to its potential. With a commitment to regulation, responsibility, and the consumer experience, IQOS 3 Multi is more than a product—it’s a statement about the intersection of choice, innovation, and well-being. For those looking to explore a new avenue in their smoking journey, the IQOS 3 Multi in the UAE offers a thoughtful and advanced solution.

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